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Homepage: Reserve Studio Space (Conservatory Students)

Booking Instructions

1. The only people who can book studio time are NSA staff, conservatory students, and music teachers. If you are one of those people, you should have a trusted Skedda account. If you are not one of those people, you are probably looking to reserve study space instead; use the drop-down menu from the tab above to do that.

2. If you have a Skedda account with the NSA Music Conservatory Calendar, click on the first time slot you want to reserve. If you want more than half an hour, grab the bottom edge of the box and drag down as far as you need.

3. Click the little green check mark at the top of the window or double click the event box to provide event details.

4. Hit the green "confirm booking" button at the bottom.

NOTE: Unless you have special permission, you may not reserve more than two hours at a time.

Nota Bene

Conservatory students

You may also reserve the Reading Room (under Study Space) as studio space. However, other students are allowed to reserve it for study space as well, so the schedule may be slightly harder to fit into.

Music Conservatory Studio Calendar