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Grad Student Orientation Guide: Resources

Tyndale Holdings

Tyndale Library currently holds approximately 46,000 bound volumes. Eligible materials (resources not in use, on reserve, or in a special collection like reference or archives) can be shipped to distance students at any time.

Where do I find the catalog?
Tyndale's catalog is available via NSA's Populi system here. Log in to use more features. To search for a resource by title, author, or subject, type "Title:" "Author:" or "Subject:" in front of the search terms you are using.

How do I request a book?
If you find a resource you would like us to ship to you, email the head librarian at [email protected]. She will check the resource out to you and mail it via USPS Library Mail. This can take a week or two to arrive.

How do I renew a book?
You can either renew the book yourself via Populi (In the library tab, click "My Profile") or email the head librarian for assistance.

How do I return a book?
Once you are done with the resource, package it well and mail it back to Tyndale at the following address:

Tyndale Library
405 S. Main St.
Moscow, ID 83843

Students are responsible for return shipping charges and/or any damages. If a student fails to return a book after a reasonable period of time, he is charged a replacement fee via Populi, which can only be paid directly via cash or check.

Journal Databases

Tyndale has access to several databases and online resources. The full database list can be found here.

Our most robust digital offerings are our subscriptions to JSTOR's journal database, the NAXOS music database, and the New York Times periodical archive. We also have access to a few of EBSCO's basic academic search engines.

How do I get to JSTOR?
You can only access NSA's JSTOR materials by clicking through the Links page on the Populi library site here. This is currently our only method of authenticating users for JSTOR, so if you visit their site without using that link, they will not know that you belong to us.

How do I use the other databases?
If you have questions about how to access or use any of the other databases on the list, feel free to contact the head librarian at [email protected].

What if I need more resources?
If there is a particular database or resource you think we ought to have access to, please let us know. We have been able to obtain access to specific things for specific students before, depending on price and general compatibility with our collection goals.

OverDrive Collection

Tyndale has a small but quickly growing collection of ebooks and audiobooks available via OverDrive. These are often books directly assigned for various classes, along with supporting materials and a few "just for fun" fiction titles. OD allows you to check books out via Kindle as well as other epublishing formats.

How do I get to OverDrive?
You can access our OverDrive collection here, using your Populi login information to check out or place holds on materials.

You can also download OverDrive's Libby app, which will allow you to access our collection, manage your account, and read your resources on your mobile device.

How do I check OD books in and out?
All you have to do is click "Borrow" next to the title you want. OverDrive will automatically return the title for you at the end of the loan period. If you want to return a resource early, just visit your "Shelf" in OverDrive and click "Return Early" next to the title you are sending back.

How do I put a hold on an OD title?
If a resource is already checked out, you can click "Place Hold" next to the title you want. OverDrive will send you a notification as soon as it becomes available, and you can either extend your hold or borrow the resource right away.