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Grad Student Orientation Guide: Services

Reciprocal Borrowing Program

If none of the options on the resources tab are particularly helpful to you, you may be able to participate in the Reciprocal Borrowing Program, a service we provide via the Association of Christian Libraries to benefit distance students or students home for breaks.

What is it?
The RBP is a program in which students at participating institutions can gain in-person borrowing privileges at any other participating institution. There are over 70 libraries participating in this program nationwide, most in the midwest or eastern regions. If you live within a convenient distance of one of these, you can gain access to their resources as though you were a student there yourself.

How does it work?
1. Download, print and fill out the Authorization Form at the end of this article.
2. Bring it (or email it) to the Head Librarian at Tyndale Library for authorization.
3. Take the completed and authorized form to your desired institution along with photo ID and let them know that you would like to participate in the Reciprocal Borrowing Program.
4. Comply with your desired insitution's privilege and loan policies.
5. Fill out a new authorization form whenever your current form expires, if necessary.

Where are the nearest participating libraries?
You can find a map and list of participating libraries at the ACL RBP page here.

Inter-Library Loan

Tyndale offers inter-library loan services to all students via OCLC's WorldShare program, which gives you access to most libraries in the country. Distance students are responsible for return shipping charges but are not responsible for any other shipping fees. ANY STUDENT WHO DAMAGES, LOSES, OR FAILS TO RETURN AN ILL WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR REPLACEMENT COSTS.

How do I submit an ILL request?
You can submit an ILL request via the form on our website on this page.

How long does an ILL request take to arrive?
An article or copy request, which is emailed directly to you, usually takes a few days at most. A loan request of a physical resource can take a couple of weeks to arrive, since they are usually shipped via USPS library mail. Distance students: since the resource must be shipped to us and then we must ship it to you, it could take some extra time on top of that.

How do I renew an ILL?
If you need your ILL loan extended, just email the Head Librarian and ask for a renewal. Some lenders do not allow renewals; the Head Librarian will submit a renewal request and let you know if it is denied.

How do I return my ILL materials?
Just bring them back to the library desk. If you are a distance student, please ship the ILL back to the following address prior to the item's due date:
Rebekah Leidenfrost - ILL
Tyndale Library
405 S. Main St.
Moscow, ID 83843

Digital Subject Guides

Tyndale library staff regularly assembles and maintains a small collection of resource guides for particular subjects, usually geared towards undergraduates but of occasional use to graduate students as well. Subjects covered include music, languages, and specific historical or literary topics. These guides can be found on the library site here.

What if I would like a guide for another topic?
Tyndale staff are happy to assemble new subject guides, provided it would be of general use to the student body. Feel free to email the Head Librarian with a request for a new subject guide or topical bibliography.

What if there is a resource that ought to be included in a guide?
If you know of materials that ought to be included on a particular guide, we would love to know about it! Please send a quick note to the Head Librarian so your knowledge can benefit your fellow scholars.