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Homepage: Interlibrary Loan


1. Do not request books or chapters of books that are available at Tyndale or other local libraries (see links below).

2. Book requests take an average of two weeks to be filled; journal article and book chapter requests an average of three business days.

3. All requests are free for students, professors, staff, and alumni; community patrons pay $4 for book requests (to be paid in cash at the library), though journal article and book chapter requests are free.

4. Distance students may request books; however, they are responsible to return books to their lending library and pay return shipping ($4-5/book on average through USPS).

5. Patrons are required to return books on time, bearing in mind that Tyndale does not dictate return dates for inter-library loans. See the book strap attached to the front cover of your loan for the due date. 

6. Patrons can request a renewal of their loan but this must be done by or before the due date written on the book strap by emailing [email protected]. Keep in mind that Tyndale does not approve renewal requests.

7. Patrons are required to pay the price of replacement for any lost or damaged books.   

8. The library staff reserve the right to decline any request (you will be notified should this happen).

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