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Baptism: Paedobaptism

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Articles on Paedobaptism

Inscriptions and the Origin of Infant Baptism

Everett Ferguson,The Journal of Theological Studies

John Calvin's Argument for Infant Baptism

Infant baptism, considered in relation to what it typifies, corresponds to circumcision and is authorized in the covenant with Abraham.

Infant Baptism

"No area of sacramental theology exposes assumptions concerning sacraments, and indeed concerning the Christian life, like the issue of infant baptism. Modern Christianity is plagued by an overly individualistic outlook, by the notion that religion is exclusively a matter of the heart..."

Luther's Large Catechism: Holy Baptism

Includes a section specifically on infant baptism.

"'And Their Children After Them': A Response to Reformed Baptist Readings of Jeremiah's New Covenant Promises" in the journal Ecclesia Reformanda:

The Reformed Paedocommunion Perspective


Click here to read specifically about the perspective on baptism of those who also support paedocommunion!

General Defenses of Paedobaptism from the NSA Library