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Baptism: Paedobaptism and Paedocommunion

Baptism Books by Paedocommunion Supporters

These books on baptism are written or edited by Reformed authors who also support paedocommunion. 

The Reformed Paedocommunion View

Why a page on communion on the baptism research guide?

Reformed paedobaptists who also practice paeocommunion often conceive of baptism and its effects differently than the Reformed majority, which does not practice paedocommunion. Explore these resources to get a picture of this particular view.

Paedocommunion - Baptism and Communion

Paedocommunion - Baptism and Communion For more resources, visit and Submit your question to Doug Wilson at www.canonwi...

A brief summary of Douglas Wilson's argument for Paedocommunion.

Paedocommunion:The Case for Communing Baptized Infants and Young Children

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A longer explanation of the Paedocommunion view from one Reformed church's stance.

Some Protestantants Who Support Paedocommunion

  • Curtis Crenshaw
  • Reggie Kid
  • Peter Leithart
  • Jeffrey Meyers
  • Robert S. Rayburn
  • R.C. Sproul, Jr.
  • Gregg Strawbridge
  • Ray Sutton
  • Douglas Wilson
  • Rousas John Rushdoony
  • James B. Jordan
  • Gary North
  • Steve Wilkins
  • N.T. Wright