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Language Resources: Greek Texts

Highlights from the Reading Room

Online Texts

Perseus Digital Library

Offers a wide selection of Greek and Latin texts online.

Perseus Digital Library: Scaife Viewer

The first phase of the newest version of Perseus Digital Library, the Scaife viewer offers Greek and Latin texts in a clean, updated format. It also gives a definition and morphological information when a word from the text is selected and allows you to compare texts side by side with translations.

Geoffrey Steadman's Greek and Latin Texts

Offers full-text downloadable documents of ancient Latin/Greek works by famous authors, complete with English vocab and grammatical helps. Similar in many ways to Lingua Latina, but with ancient Greek works. 

Bibliotheca Augustana

A rich collection of ancient Greek and Latin texts (as well as canonical works in Old and Middle English, medieval Italian, Old and Middle German, and other languages) indexed both chronologically and alphabetically.